This blog is about my experiences as an old American lady in Berlin.  After working for longer than we would have wished near Washington, DC, my husband and I decided to retire to Berlin where our son lives with his family, and spend the rest of our lives as doting grandparents to two of the most fabulous kids on the planet.  Looking at Berlin with an American’s eyes can be both delightful and puzzling (and often both simultaneously).  Being slightly hearing impaired adds another dimension to the experience, as what I sometimes hear can be far more entertaining than what was actually said.

Some people have ‘gay-dar’ but I have ‘odd-dar’ and seem to have an uncanny ability to notice odd and amusing things wherever I go, things that don’t even register with most folks.  Navigating a foreign land, in combination with my ‘odd-dar’ and my hearing deficiency, certainly manages to keep me entertained, and I’m using my blog to invite others to join me in my journey through my own private ‘Wonderland.’