Bezirk [1] in Berlin© – 28:  JULY 5, 2012


Obviously, I have more than a casual interest in unusual names, so the highly improbably juxtaposition of the first and last names of the German Foreign Minister makes me smile — Guido Westerwelle.


Yep!  There are ways to extract energy from excrement!

It’s entirely possible that, by just doing what they do naturally, the folks on Capitol Hill could make a substantial contribution to this effort.


You know those things you keep meaning to do, but somehow never get around to doing?  Like sorting through the billions of keys to God-only-knows-what?  Well, today I went to the key store and bought a bunch of key tags.  Then I came home and Harvey and I tried to figure out what was what.  In one case, there were 4 keys on a key chain.  Somehow, in taking ONE of those keys off, another one flat-out disappeared!  Really!  Harvey was removing one of the keys and when he got it off, there were only 2 keys remaining on the key chain!  We ought to figure out how we did that – with both of us watching – and take that show on the road.  But that was just the beginning of the fun.  Our continuing efforts to figure out what some of the keys unlocked closely resembled an unintentional shell game.  In the end, we have one key that disappeared into thin air and one key whose purpose in life remains a mystery.  It reminded me of the time we were on vacation and ended up with an ungodly amount of small change and decided to buy breakfast for three of us at MacDonald’s.   By the time we managed to count out the change, our food was cold and, oddly enough, all the folks in line behind us had faded away into another line, enjoyed their meals, and were in the parking lot, starting their engines….


Certain young, male felines fancy themselves artistes, and seem to have the artistic leanings of Christo, had he been a cat.  [You know, the guy who draped everything with plastic – valleys, the Reichstag, etc.  This URL shows some of those things.  Ignore the language you can’t read and just scroll down to the photos.

Well, apparently William the Wonder Cat’s interpretation of the Christo approach is to simply alter existing drapes by hooking his claws into them to create a variation on the texture of the material.   I fear that if he were to see the cartoon below, he might be inspired to take yet another approach.  This cartoon is the work of the talented young Maddie Johnson, the granddaughter of William the Wonder Cat’s equally talented creator, Evie Fullinghim.



Given all the wild-eyed revolutionaries and wannabes roaming around the streets of Berlin, it’s not unusual to see someone wearing a red (ALWAYS red!) T-shirt with the famous picture of Che Guevara on the front.  Today I saw one and, fortunately was in line at the grocery store long enough to figure out what was a tad ‘off’ about it.  Despite the beard and the beret, Che’s face was that of Donald Duck, and the caption was “La Libertad para los patos!” – Liberty for Ducks!!  Well, why not!  Ducks wanna be free, too, presumably!



When I pick the grandkids up after school, more often than not, I’ll get them a treat – ice cream, cake, or whatever they’re in a mood for.  Recently, they claimed they were hungry enough to eat two scoops of ice cream, but it turned out they weren’t.  So I told them that, in the future, I would only get them one scoop, but if they ate it all and still wanted another scoop, I’d get it for them.  Well, of course, they called my bluff the other day.  They each ate one ice cream cone and then said they could eat another (which, amazingly enough, they also finished).  As he was working on his second ice cream cone, my 6-year-old grandson shared the following realizations with me.  He noted that the ice cream guy was making a lot of money from us – 5 cones altogether (because, of course, Grandma had to have one but inexplicably had the self control not to have a second one).  Then he said that the man shouldn’t spend all this money right away because he wasn’t going to be selling ice cream in the winter and he needed to save some of his money to live on in the winter.  [Many ice cream shops are just open in the summer and a sure sign of spring is when they start opening again.]  He then said that, if he wanted to make ice cream in the winter, he could use the snow, but he’d have to be careful to make sure he didn’t use snow that a dog had peed on (although it was pretty easy to tell where a dog had peed, because the snow would be yellow).


Remember how I’ve mentioned the candies that are named after the body parts of cats?  Cat tongues (little pieces of chocolate shaped like tongues), cat paws (little pieces of licorice shaped like paws), and cat ears (little pieces of licorice shaped like cat ears)?  Well, I found something more bizarre!  Didn’t think that was possible, did you?  Well, there’s a snack called ‘Maiswūrmer’ – which, literally translated, is ‘Corm Worms.’  Yummy!  Imagine a corn-like substance that has roughly the same consistency as the head on a glass of beer, but desiccated, and roughly the size and shape of your thumb.  Some even come in a cheese flavor – or rather, that’s what the label says.  Personally, I can’t detect the flavor of any cheese that I’m familiar with.  But, hey!  They’re gluten-free!  And gotta love Mr. Corn Worm here, don’t you?


[1] ‘Bezirk’ is German for ‘neighborhood.’