I have been truly blessed by having the opportunity to make so many wonderful, gracious, talented friends in my life.  One of these is Evie Fullingim, artist extraordinaire, creator of pottery and paper dolls, as well as God-only-knows how many other beautiful things.  Evie came up with an idea for a comic to accompany my blog, based on William, our Siamese kitten, who at the age of barely 5 months, weighs 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds), with at least another 12 – 19 months to grow.

As with my blog, this comic is copyrighted.  Please feel free to share but respect Evie’s copyright.

I am pleased to present the very first edition of William, the Wonder Cat.  And maybe Evie and I will see you in the funny papers!!


NOTE:  To FULLY appreciate Evie’s wonderful cartoons, please enlarge your screen so you can see the extra little tidbits she’s added!